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John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir ship
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Welcome to the place to get your Sheppard/Weir Daily fix! Everyday a picture will be posted of Sheppard and Weir.

You're free to post your S/W artwork, music videos and fic.

Rules: Please treat each other with respect. If you post a fic please be sure to have any ratings and warnings on it. If you are posting more than three icons/artwork please use an LJ cut.

Every week there will be an icontest.
Icontest Rules: There will be a two parts to it. One where be will you will be given a series of caps and the second part where you will have a theme can can pick your own caps. You can post up to 5 icons in each of the Caps and Themes. They will then be voted on and at the end of the deadline there will be a vote on it and there will be a first, second, and third place winner as well as a mod's choice. Please use LJ standard icons (less than 40 kb and 100x100). Don't vote for yourself and don't ask other's to vote for you. You may use animation/text/textures/brushes unless otherwise specified.

Above all please treat each other with respect. And of course have fun!